About Us

At INSTIGATE digital, we don’t just work hard to deliver the marketing results you want. We are all about people, and how we connect people with brands. We create communication that stands out because we dare to be different. We don’t want just the audience’s attention, we want them to truly connect, engage and ultimately to become your customer. Then we’ll help you keep them forever.

INSTIGATE is a unique agency and offering in this market. It’s taken, skill, vision, insight and planning to be able to provide a cutting edge, cost effective digital offering. Our formula for success has been based on a culture of expertise, consistent knowledge sharing and recruitment of diverse professionals and industry partners all of whom are top tier digital experts.

We feel it’s essential for the success of any business to understand the changing Australian audience and find ways to connect with all segments big and small. The way we do this is by being efficient with your marketing budget by harnessing the latest technology and developing creative to match it. We always create campaigns that most effectively engage the audience with the right message and content at the right time and in the right moment.


INSTIGATE was founded 7 years ago and continues to operate on the principle that servicing clients properly is the key to a successful business. We take enormous pride in the fact that all of our client’s businesses have grown as a result of working with us.

Our creative philosophy is that commercial design must perform a business function to achieve success. We work hard to distil a brief into its simplest elements to understand the most basic requirements of a project. Our clients share in the credit of our success and we work closely as one united team. They have encouraged us to expand our capabilities by allowing us to be innovative helping them push the boundaries to achieve greater success and be a leader amongst competitors.